The advantages we give you go even further.

You shouldn’t choose Copenhagen Translation just because we deliver high quality, have competitive prices, are quick and flexible and can translate to and from all languages thanks to our international network. You can get these things in most other places. The advantages we give you go even further:


Quite simply, we only have experienced staff. There is nobody in the company or in our network who does not have many years of experience in what they do.

Flexibility and availability

As a pure service business, we are well aware that you cannot wait. You need to be able to rely on us finishing the job. That is why we

Industry knowledge

We cover most subject-areas. We are especially strong in some areas, and we have specialised translators for all the usual subjects, both the most common and


We work with the latest language technology to provide you with quality, consistency and low prices.

For example, we use translation memories, which means that we store previous

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Latest News

Nord Stream 2

Nord Stream 2 will be a twin pipeline system through the Baltic Sea transporting natural gas from Russia to the EU. As the partner of AAC Global, Copenhagen Translation has been responsible for the translation of parts of the massive environmental documentation (Espoo Report) required for the application for and subsequent […]

Football is medicine

A new focus area at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) means that the internationally recognised football researcher Peter Krustrup will now continue his research in elite football and public health at SDU. Peter Krustrup, previously University of Copenhagen, was recently appointed professor in Sport and Health Sciences and takes […]

Nordic Translation Industry Forum

In late November, Copenhagen Translation attended the annual language industry conference Nordic Translation Industry Forum (NTIF). NTIF is a meeting place for language industry professionals with a regional focus on themes and speakers. This year the conference took place in Malmö and participants came from the Nordic region as well […]