Nord Stream 2 will be a twin pipeline system through the Baltic Sea transporting natural gas from Russia to the EU. As the partner of AAC Global, Copenhagen Translation has been responsible for the translation of parts of the massive environmental documentation (Espoo Report) required for the application for and subsequent approval of the large pipeline construction project.

The application and documentation had to be submitted to the relevant authorities in all nine countries in the Baltic Sea region by early April 2017. The project included translation of considerable volumes of highly specialised environmental, legal and technical texts (600+ pages) from English into the 9 languages in the Baltic Sea region (RU, DE, PL, ET, LT, LV, FI, SV, DA) – all within a very tight time frame in order for Nord Stream 2 to be able to meet the application deadline.

Thanks to our team’s extensive experience from the first Nord Stream project in 2009 and the close and effective collaboration with Nord Stream 2 representatives from Rambøll, Nord Stream 2 managed to finalise the application in time.